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Welcome to our growing Catholic school in the heart of the Silicon Valley!

Saint Lawrence Elementary and Middle School has provided a comprehensive Catholic education for over 50 years and we are proud to model, teach and live Gospel values each day. We pursue academic excellence by promoting critical and creative thinking, and we tailor instruction to meet the needs of every student, Pre-K through 8th grade. In collaboration with our parents, we provide a challenging and nurturing environment to best prepare our students for high school and beyond.

We are blessed to be part of Catholic parish community, rich in diversity and called together as one living Church. At Saint Lawrence, we cultivate spiritual growth, wholeness, and a responsibility for self, others and the environment. Together, we are grounded in faith and inspired by our future.

Together, we are grounded in faith
and inspired by our future.


Saint Lawrence Elementary School was established in 1961 by the founding pastor, Rev. Victor Wilkiemeyer. Staffed by the Sisters of Loretto, the school grew to include grades 1-6. A kindergarten was added followed by an extended care program. In 1993, Saint Lawrence Elementary School opened the first licensed Pre-K program in the Diocese of San Jose. The following year grade 7 was added with grade 8 following the next year.

In 2013, Saint Lawrence introduced an elective program and continues to expand their co-curricular program across all grades.

The Saint Lawrence student community is diverse, and the school serves students from both the parish and surrounding communities, both in and outside of Santa Clara County. Ethnic diversity mirrors that of Santa Clara County. The student body is approximately 75% Roman Catholic with other major religions well represented.

The Elementary and Middle School is a parochial school of Saint Lawrence the Martyr Parish.

Saint Lawrence is proud to have pioneered innovative programs to meet the needs of our students and families. Take a look at some of those firsts that constitute the Saint Lawrence Advantage:

Mission & Philosophy


Saint Lawrence Elementary and Middle School challenges students from diverse backgrounds to grow academically and emotionally within a supportive Catholic community. Our school fosters individuality and active learning, helping children thrive now and in the future.



We, the faculty, staff, and clergy of St. Lawrence Elementary and Middle School, believe in:

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