Fifth Grade

Miss Huston

Haley Huston, in her seventh year teaching fifth grade at Saint Lawrence Elementary and Middle School, grew up in a family of teachers. “I am the 11th person in four generations in my family to become a teacher, it runs in my blood!”

Miss Huston firmly believe that the best way to learn is to incorporate as much fun, humor, and hands on activities into the classroom as possible. Acting, singing, building, engineering, and painting are all activities that are utilized in the fifth grade classroom lessons. Organization, independence, empathy, perseverance, and critical thinking are all focuses to help students thrive in school and beyond.

Students will learn how to argue their opinions in persuasive writing, give facts and details in expository writing, and create fictional worlds in narrative writing. They will discover Greek and Roman words that form English vocabulary today. Children will stay up to date on current events in ELA, and explore new stories with novel studies while they continue their Elementary journey in preparation for Middle School. 


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