Fourth Grade

Ms. Jacowitz

Miss Jacowitz

Samantha Jacowitz grew up in Santa Clara and was destined to become a teacher. Her love for  teaching 4th grade stems from the independence and maturity that the students gain.   For the most part, up until now children have been learning to read. Now, in fourth grade, they are reading to learn!

Miss Jacowitz lives for those “lightbulb moments” and in 4th grade, we get a lot of them! There’s nothing like seeing a child finally grasp long division or write that five paragraph essay!

Miss Jacowitz’ teaching philosophy contextualizes all the foundation skills her students have learned so far. She truly believes that each child learns differently, and her lessons reflect that. As a firm believer in hands-on experiences, 4th grade has a lot of off and on-site field trips. Children fully participate in fun activites like panning for gold on Gold Rush Day and making Missions.

In fourth grade, students learn how their brains learn and what study habits work best for them. Students will be responsible for their own Chromebook and will learn how to use technology as a learning tool. Miss Jacowitz teaches the organization skills and study habits needed to prepare students for Middle School. They learn to take notes, create lists and planners, and label and organize all work. Fourth graders end the school year feeling confident in their work habits, excited about their leadership abilities, and prepared for future academic success.


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