Second Grade

Ms. Fleming

Mrs. Fleming

Mrs. Fleming joined the St. Lawrence faculty in 2013.  She and her husband are blessed with three adult children and very soon, a grandson. Mrs. Fleming has been teaching elementary aged students for decades and is elated to work with her second grade class at Saint Lawrence School each and every day.


Mrs. Fleming believes that “These second grade students are ready for a true educational adventure and, as curious young people, are acquiring the tools needed to “learn to read” and soon will be “reading to learn.” Whenasked what makes Second Grade special Mrs. Fleming said, “Every day is an opportunity for discovery. As a class we are always on the lookout for the unknown. We find new ideas to investigate around every corner and always have tons of questions about every topic. No matter the curriculum being covered, we make the effort to dig deep and explore the world around us.” 


One of Mrs. Fleming’s most important and joyful roles is preparing her students to receive the Sacraments of First Reconciliation and First Holy Communion. “What an honor it is to have a part in our Saint Lawrence student’s faith journey. I am always inspired by the faithfulness demonstrated in our Saint Lawrence community.” 


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